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AvP2: Super Hydraulx Bros.

Back when I reviewed the original Alien vs Predator film, and indeed for long afterwards, I copped a fair bit of flack for not being completely and utterly appalled by it. And, while I absolutely agree that the film buckled under Paul W.S.Anderson’s total and outright inability to develop a character to the point where even their own mother could give a rats ass about their on screen death, AvP did the three things that it promised… It gave us Aliens. It gave us Predators. And it verseded them.

I think the biggest complains about AvP come from people who were looking for another Aliens movie… Or perhaps even the more discerning out there were hoping for an Alien movie that didn’t suck as much as Alien3 or Alien4. Well, they didn’t get it. What they did get was an ‘ok’ Predator movie that wanted desperately to be an Alien movie.

So, why am I even bringing this up again? Because 20th Century Fox has just signed up the Strause Brothers to direct Alien verses Predator 2.

Colin and Greg Strause are better known as the guys behind the special effects house hydraulx (The Day after Tomorrow, Constantine, Fantastic Four, Aeon Flux). This will be the brothers first stint directing a big budget movie, however that may not be such a bad thing. These guys are something of an unknown quantity, but what we can infer from their previous work is that they know their way around special effects… so maybe, if we all wish really hard, they’ll spend more time focusing on character development and adhering to cannon and less time trying to impress us with how they can direct in the dark.

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    “It gave us Aliens. It gave us Predators. And it [I]verseded[/I] them.”


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  • It also gave us every-single-Alien-and-Predator-cliche-in-existence. This movie played out like a poorly imagined clip show.

  • agreed
    When the man (I assume) is right, he’s right!