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Points for effort?

I was stirred this morning, from a premeditated sleep in, by the good lady Barberella’s kiss good-bye. Regardless of my state of consciousness, before leaving for work I’m lucky enough to receive such a parting gift each morning, usually (if so inclined) I continue to sleep, however this morning I woke, perhaps by the kiss (goateed, sleeping beauty, style!) or perhaps it was the sounds of the crescendoing storm outside, bucketing the E-Shackâ„¢ with vast quantities of rain water. Either way I was prompted to suggest that it would be wise if I drove Barberella to work rather than have her pursue one of Melbourne’s historic trams. The good lady Barberella insisted that she would be fine and won the brief and one-sided exchange over the matter with a sleepy me.

No sooner had she rushed out the front door, when mother nature let out a clap of thunder which shook guilt to the surface and me from the bed… it was foolish of Barberella to have gone out in the rain, I felt bad for letting her and decided to remedy the situation by catching up with her and driving her to work in the, rain free, E-Automatrixâ„¢ – An opportunity for easy brownie points and a day of feeling that I had done a good deed one would think…

My clothes and I stumbled into an uneasy accord, the agreement was that they’d keep me warm, the ones that were on backwards would keep quiet about it until I returned from my mission of mercy and I promised not to expose the mismatched combination to public scrutiny. With that arrangement in place I used my crusty eyes to locate the keys to the E-Automatrixâ„¢ and plundered out into the storm in an ill-attired pursuit of a, no doubt already drenched, good lady Barberella.

I did manage to locate her, she was drenched and I did complete my mission. Yet despite the obvious brownie points earned I can’t say that I feel those ‘done a good deed’ feelings that I was after, when I clambered from beneath the Daffy Duck doonah, earlier this morning, have surfaced – you see… something happened that has left me struggling with the ‘inner elroy’. part of me thinks it’s pretty funny, but a bigger part of me feels quiet guilty about what transpired.

The plan was this: Head toward the closer of the 2 tram stops to the E-Shackâ„¢, if Barberella was not to be found there bust out a U-turn and head for the other tram stop and pick up my brownie/good deed done points…. Well, I pulled up opposite the closer of the 2 tram stops to find that there was no Barberella there – just a different cute little brunette.

So I wait, in the bucketing rain, for an opportunity to bust that U-turn I have planned. The traffic is pretty heavy, the windows of the E-Automatrixâ„¢ are fogging up something chronic and I’m aware that all this time Barberella is exposed to the elements. The opportunity arises for my U-turn, so I take it….

How was I suppose to know that the gutters on the opposite side of the road had filled to over flowing?

I hit the apex of the turn and begin to accelerate out of it – traffic is bearing down on me so I make the move fast (but safely) – unfortunately I hit the body of water that has over flown from the gutter right in front of the aforementioned tram stop and all I can do is watch as the suffering and no doubt already miserable, unnamed cute brunette is forced to ‘river dance’ as my car sends a thick sheet of water at her…

I feel like such a bastard!

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    ehhehehe elroy ya goon
    [B]the E-Shackâ„¢ with vast quantities of rain water[/B]

    rain water? ahah this sounds funny as.

    oh and that other poor brunette, you should feel ashamed elroy. you evil dispicable man


    I was half expecting you to drench Barb accidentally :p

  • if he did i dont think he’d be here telling us the tale

    prolly have to do the housework for the rest of his life :eep!:

  • you iz correct
    That’s right – I wouldn’t have even made it home if I’d done that.

    No one survives the wrath of Barberella!!

    [I see you discovered the new smilies too :smile:]

  • :eep: That poor girl. You are such a bastard Elroy :smile: But be assured that in a few years she will be able to look back and :lol: But she will always think you are an :idiot:

    :oh: PS These new smileys are :yuk:

    – Roy

  • Aah rain, it’s been so long. My last incident with the rain was me riding to school but having my tyres flick buckets of mud into my bag and ruining 2 floppydisks with a whole lot of work on them.

    I would have stopped and apologised, because now it’ll haunt you until you manage to go and find her at the tramstop tomorrow and apologise then…

  • God damn it i am registered! *sigh*:eep!:

  • :smile::oh::eep!::huh::yuk::idiot::lol:

    what smilies?

  • tisk tisk
    that really woulda screwed up the whole brownie points idea….although it could have been worse. You could have actually hit her with the car – now THAT would have sucked.