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X-Files: Scully Scuttles Sequel?

There’s been talk for a while now about a sequel to the X-Files movie, although what form that would take is anyone’s guess considering that there was a substantial amount of series which followed the original movie. Anyway, after disappearing for a while interest seems to have resurfaced around the idea of XF2, some of the key players have offered their thoughts on the idea and given some indication of just how likely it is that we’ll be seeing Mulder and Scully on the big screen again.

Former ‘Parker Lewis Can’t Lose’ director Rob Bowman has told SciFi Wire that he “would be honored to direct it”, referring to XF2. Along with directing many episodes of the television series Bowman also directed the original X-Files cinema outing back in 1998.

“It’s Chris’ show, and David [Duchovny] and Gillian [Anderson] are the face of the show,” Bowman said. “If it’s not me, I can live happily knowing that I had my great time on the show. If I do get it, hey, man, I’m going to kill myself making the best movie I possibly can.” [source]

Bowman’s enthusiasm is mirrored by Frank Spotnitz, who has worked with X-Files creator, Chris Carter, not only on the X-Files series but the brilliant Millennium (well, the first 2 seasons were brilliant anyway) and the short lived Harsh Realm. In an interview which primarily focused on Spotnitz more recent ‘Night Stalker’ work the question of a sequel to XF1 was raised and Spotnitz offered:

Yeah, I actually have a deal, believe it or not, to co-write and co-produce with Chris Carter. And David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have deals; I think even Chris Carter has a deal. There’s some legal issues pending between Chris and 20th Century Fox relating to the old TV show. So I’m hoping that those will get resolved and that we can still do it because we’d love to. [source]

Interestingly the only opposing voice regarding the sequel comes from the future Mrs Elroy, Gillian Anderson. Anderson, insists that she has no interest in reprising the role of Special Agent Dana Scully, replying with “God no!” when asked about the idea.

Will Gillian’s change of heart mean that there’ll be no more X-Files in the future? Well, as Chris Carter showed towards the end of the series, he’s not above milking every last drop out of a concept. So, perhaps XF2 will feature a lone Mulder dashing about trying to locate his missing partner? Wait, that may work! So help me, I’ll sue if Cater steals my idea! [source]

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