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One Near Miss For Man…

Anyone who is smart enough to be a regular, long time reader of this brilliant site will be well aware of, and forewarned against the impending attacks against the people of earth, being plotted and planned by that disgusting Space Ghost Robot Mutated Zombie Satellite Scum which resides in the darkness of the out reaches of our panetary system.

For those new comers with an eye for the truth here are a few links to previous EOL articles which clearly and concisely spell out the danger that the human race finds itself in:

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• Mars Attack Status: Averted

It doesn’t take a genus to see that it’s just been through pure dumb luck, my diligence and a copy of “The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood” that the human race has managed to hold out for this long… but alas I fear that the end maybe coming sooner than could have been expected.

It seems that the Zombie Mutated Space Ghost Satellite Robots are on to me and intend to prevent my ever watchful eye from revealing more of their hideous plans against us. THIS ARTICLE in the Australian newspaper reveals just how desperate this Space Scum has gotten.:

A METEORITE reportedly the size of a house fell on the NSW south coast overnight, exploding in a bright flash, police have said

Yes, you COULD say that NSW is a substantial distance from Melbourne.. and you’d be right, however half the length of a country the size of Australia is nothing when compared to the vast distances of space and a *miss* of that magnitude could have resulted from the tiniest variable.

I think that this is a clear indication that the Space Robot Ghost Mutated Satellite Zombies fear that word of my discovery/observations may become widely known and their plans to enslave (or wipe us out completely) are in dire jeopardy!

Either that or it was an even more accurate attempt to *take out* Brett “The Romulans” Daniels.. in which case I applaud and support their efforts!

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