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Easier to pronounce than Woolembull: pt 2

Monday morning when some were getting up and starting their day, I wasn’t.. neither, for that matter, was the good lady Barberella. Nope, not day starting for us.. we were fast asleep.. why? Because we were in Warrnambool!

For the most part we spent the day relaxing, talking crap, listening to the other talk crap, then saying romantic stuff like “jez’ you talk crap Elroy!” and such – We did do some of the touristy stuff that you can do while in the thriving metropolis that is Warnambool, but you’re not interested in hearing about shopping for collectable spoons and poorly printed tea towels or whale watching.. so instead I’ll continue on with part two of the crap I started on with last time! – read on!

I woke at some stage. late monday morning, to the sound of a cavalry unit passing over the tin bridge that I’d fallen asleep under.. Alas, I hadn’t slept under a tin bridge and the sound wasn’t a cavalry unit passing over it – the din that woke me was the blood curdling noise of children at play!
The hotel, it seems, backs right on to playground of a local primary school and the little bastards in attendance were enjoying their recess at full volume. In fact, when the good lady Barberella appeared in the kitchenette and I asked how she slept, the reply came “Good, until those cannons going off woke me.” – No cannons I’m afraid, just those aforementioned little bastards kicking footballs, soccer balls or (hopefully) other little bastards against the fence separating the hotel from the school yard.

Before heading out to do some of that touristy crap that I mentioned before, I gave Furious a quick call and before i knew it things had gone horribly, horribly wrong and he and his long suffering father were making a trip from Adelaide and would be meeting us for dinner! Given that Furious was due for a birthday within the week, that meant that along with that touristy crap we were planning, we’d have to find something to wrap something in… and something to wrap… which meant that I couldn’t just go whale spotting and tell him I named one after him!

Later, with the day mostly under our belts we headed out for our free dinner (supplied as part of the accommodation package that we’d been given) but were elated disappointed to receive an SMS saying that our dinner guests would be late arriving and that we should continue without them.. so that we did…
At about 9-ish Furious and Furious Snr, arrived and via the wonder of mobile communication we arranged to meet at the mburger joint mentioned in part one.

There was much conversation and coffee and complaints about Furious Jnr’s taste in music before we were kicked out of mburger. The kicking out not being enough, once ( i assume) the owner had “left”, he returned several times – driving past the now darkened venue and giving us dirty looks until we were on our way.. but not before I snapped a pic of Furious and his birthday present from Barberella and myself!

The day pretty much over, we retired once again to the hotel.. safe in the knowledge that the family furious were on their way back to their own state and growing giddy with the realization that there was only one more sleep until our visit to CHEESE WORLD!


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    That’s all good and everything, but who’s the good looking bloke holding the Monkey DVDs?

  • sweet jesus he looks like a guy that lives near here that i hate!

  • You do realise that he’ll be forcing us to watch them at his B-Day on that massive plasma screen with full sourround setup we’re getting him?

  • Here’s to you, Mrs Robinson…
    My mother described you as ‘gorgeous’ today. We’re booking her in for a full psych assessment.

  • Clearly…
    She is correct.

  • Cheeseworld – here I come!
    Clare and I have decided to take a road trip to South Australia over the summer break. Thought it might be an opportune time to pose for a photograph outside Cheeseworld for [URL=]my site.[/URL] It’s not like I’m competing or anything…seriously.

  • At this rate…
    .. you’ll probably have your unoriginal copycat report up before I get mine done… but yours will suck..