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Series: What’s Returning When

There’s nothing scarier, for a nerd like me, than the void which occurs when all your favourite shows go on hiatus. Once there was a time when a show would disappear at the end of a season and… well, do exactly that, disappear! Those days are commonly known as “teh dark ages” or “the time before the internet!”. Fortunately we now have sites like AICN to keep us informed so that we don’t find ourselves flicking though the stations in two months time, crying into our Pringles tube, screaming something along the lines of “WHERE IS CHARLIE JADE!!???”.

ACIN’s Hercules has posted a pretty extensive list of what’s coming back and when – but given that there are only a few shows that have my personal interest I’ll not repost the whole thing here, instead I’ll mark off a few that I’m personally looking forward to catching up with again (*winks at Azureus’ RSS plug-in*).

I posted a rather long and mostly pointless rant a while ago about how I could smell a Justice League pre-formation episode of Smallville in the works (Here’s a link so that you can determine exactly which mostly pointless rant I’m referring to) – Well, it appears that I was somewhat correct in my belief as there’s an upcoming episode of Smallville entitled “Justice” which is exactly that… Although I failed miserably with my prediction that we’d see an appearance by Wonder Woman. Apparently those licensing issues that I like to harp on about are going to prevent the character from appearing in the series. Smallville returns to US televisions on the 11th of January. But we’re still going to have to wait for the Joss Whedon penned/directed film before we see Wonder Woman on the screen again.

If you haven’t already done so, do yourself a favour and check out the Ricky Gervais series EXTRAS. The series, which returns (US) on the 14th, is a brilliantly written look at the life of an up and coming actor (Gervais) and is littered with fantastic celebrity appearances – The show has the feel of The Office (not surprisingly) crossed with kind of celebrity self-deprication that made The Larry Sanders Show so much fun.

It’s the end of January which has the most nerd on it, with Battlestar Galactica(21st), Heroes (22nd) and Veronica Mars (23rd) all returning. The reappearance of Veronica Mars makes me happy, as there was some talk at the beginning of the current season that the show was on precarious footing. Luckily the show has been strong (as expected) again so hopefully we can look forward to putting that sort of talk behind us.

Finally LOST and Jericho both return in February: The 7th and 21st respectively. I’m not sure how many people (particularly Aussies) followed the discussion, which spawned from a recent post here on EOL, regarding the way that Jericho is being played on Australian television, but here’s the gist: For the first time ever Australian audiences are being kept ‘up to date’ with a US series – What this means is that for the first time ever there’s the possibility that Australian audiences could influence the life span of a show. Now, while Jericho may not be everyone’s cup of tea I’m sure that, like me, many of you are sick of having to download shows or having to wait months for them finally be shown here on Australian television.

Often a show wont be shown here until long after the axe is fallen on the series. Clearly by that stage it’s far too late for our viewing habits to influence what happens to that series. This time, however, Channel TEN is going out of it’s way to present Jericho within hours of it airing in the US.

The result of this is two fold. We finally have the opportunity to send a message to Channel TEN (and indeed the other networks) that this is what we want: Content FRESH from the US (and anywhere else for that matter!). It is also the first time that our viewing figures are available for the producers/backers of a US series and, one would hope, that these figures will be taken into account when it come time to renew a series. While I’m usually the last guy to rally support for one of the local networks here (in Australia), supporting Jericho is, in my opinion, the best way to send a clear message that Channel TEN is doing the right thing. So, please, if you’re like me and you want to see fresh content from overseas and you want our viewing habits to be considered then take the time to support the effort that Channel TEN is making. [source]

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    Too bad we didn’t get Jericho when the US did. Where’s that compliments/complaints page for channel 10? (link points to shows in Australia that are MIA.)

  • Well, it was fun while it lasted.

  • Haha, I hear you. Shows that I watch that have gone on hiatus:

    Stargate Atlantis
    Prison Break

    What am I to do to fill this massive void?