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A Friday night to remember…

So, how did you spend your Friday night? Go clubbing? Pizza and a Movie? Maybe a hot date… oh, sorry, forgot who I was talking too… Well, “PFFT!” to your fancy schmancy social activities, I’ll tell you how a Friday night should really be spent!.

FOOD POISONING! That’s how it’s done people, doubled over in pain, more hot flashes than a bus full of menopausal women, being so cold that being sandwiched under every quilt, blanket, rug and beach towel in the house isn’t enough to stop the shakes.. and then top it all off by getting out your best bucket and spending most of the night with your head in it, expelling every ounce of your stomach content!

Still trying to piece together what actually bought this bout on, but I’ve narrowed it down to either the oranges that I had for lunch yesterday or that bag of gravy powder I found in the driveway… we’ll have to wait for the lab test to be 100% sure.

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    *wd* for having Gravy powder you found on your driveway.

    I bet you consumed it without properly prepareing it, too? Didn’t you?? Didn’t you??

  • We sat in Barney’s car, eating packets of mustard :(

  • That Barney is…
    Quite the gentleman.. I mean – You must have looked high and low to find a man who’d buy you dinner AND take you parking Buzz!