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iSync: Another update… Another A1000 plugin!

So, the good people over there at Apple Records have released another update for their computerized operational system software. Which, of course, included an update to my arch-nemesis, iSync. And, you guessed it, it broke compatibility with the plugin which I’d made to enable syncing with the ePhone (or Motorola A1000 for those are not cool enough to call their Motorola A1000 an ePhone.. in my honor).

Anyhoo, it took a bit of tinkering and this time I even resorted to checking out some other iSync plugins to get my head around the additional information/files required to get it working. Which I eventually did.. so I’m heading over to [URL=]the AGORAmine forums[/URL] to post it in the Tech section there.

If you’re going to follow that link, be sure to check out (and enter) the Night Watch DVD giveaway thingy or else you suck.

~ elroy

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