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The Great X-cape!

One of the regular duties associated with the care and maintenance of your hermit crabs is that you’ve got to give their tank a clean out every now and then. Not because they are messy or anything, in fact the opposite is true – hermit crabs don’t defecate at all – but because you need to replace/clean the sand and what not just for hi-gene sake.

This time around it’s the good lady Barberella’s turn to do the honors… So, with the x-crabsâ„¢ (and a few other rogue crabs that have since joined the Shelled Leagueâ„¢) in a shoe box for safe keeping she set about cleaning the tank out – Rearranging the rocks and various sticks and then returning the x-crabsâ„¢ and friends to their rightful home and watched for a few minutes as they go about exploring the new layout.

Many hours later yours truly, who’s in bachelor mode for the evening, settles down with a plate of reheated pasta to watch The Panel… Now, you’d be forgiven for thinking that these two events would be completely unrelated.. and they were… right up until I heard a soft rustling sound coming from under the coffee table!

Tonight the Shelled League™ has a new member, we will call him Gunnarson!

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