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pointless things you can do at 16 age

Hey folks, just sticking my head in to make a brief update!

  • Believe it or not, but the title of this post [pointless things you can do at 16 age] is actually one of the search criteria that has lead someone to the site this month.. I believe that my influence on the youth of today is reaching unstoppable proportions. I only hope that the subliminal messages that I’ve been sending the students in Brett Lamb’s media class kick in soon!
  • X-Crabs arch enemy The Romulans has once again made an appearance in the latest TFM comix – he’s also spent some time in hospital – although not the type of hospital I suspect that he needs to send time in and has finally discovered ‘Triumph’ and ‘Ed the sock’… talk about being out of date.. perhaps his time travel adventures have left him a little ‘GET WITH TODAY’ lagged. As always I’ve enjoyed my visit to his site, I think it’s a fantastic piece of web entertainment…….. FOR ME TO POOP ON!
  • Poor Info/epic/DE/mattel or whoever the hell it is that are (slowly) making Unreal Tournament 2003 are still holding out on us all and have yet to release the game OR the long promised demo. In one of life’s great ironies or perhaps more a case of ‘payback being a bitch’ some kind soul has ‘leaked’ an alpha/beta/demo/whatever build of the game onto the world wide pirate ship know as the web – it has spread like a really quickly spreading thing would and Info/epic/DE/mattel or whoever have been peeing in their pants attempting to stop it (I don’t know what help peeing in your pants is doing – and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t help with the ladies too much either) – Anyway, I found that a copy of the alpha/beta/gamma/demo had been slipped under my door the other morning so I took a peek at it – I have to say that I am really looking forward to the final product even more now!
    A bunch of people who are also looking forward to it are a a pack of photoshop inept gamers who have been spamming the infogrames forums of late – check out this FARK like thread here.

    Elroy over

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