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Elroy on teh bus!

More comix ahoy: That Furman clown has upgraded his piece of crap computer… now he has a faster piece of crap with which to create those comics that he likes to clutter up the internet with… the more observant of you will spot that one of the more recent ones takes place in the E-Shackâ„¢!

Wonders will never cease!: Believe it or not (or not give a shit.. it’s up to you) but Morgues has awoken from his coma and has begun to update his site once again.. just in time for him to go away on holiday to Queensland… He’s even been so kind as to let people know which hotel he’ll be staying in – Get your prank calls ready!!

Creative blockage!: That master word smith, Dennis Falling of The Underground has posted that he has writers-block… go post your suggestions – all “Midgets having sex with monkeys” submissions will be accepted! (please register first)

Controversy Afoot: Over at site namesake (buzzmoo – duh) has taken to deliberately deleting the posts of his far wittier site partner (Mert)… he says it’s an accident and something about watermelon.. I dunno – I don’t read his post.. just try to get there before he deletes all of Merts posts in a rage of creative jealousy!

Bandwagon Full Folks!: Over at the Page of Leetness, Rommy has jumped on the ‘new Halflife mod to wet your pants over‘ band wagon and posted some crap about ‘Natural Selection’ – I dunno, I didn’t read it either.. perhaps you should go give him creative writing suggestions too.. but I wouldn’t bother with the “Midgets having sex with Monkeys” suggestions, I’m sure that Rommy has already explored that area extensively!

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