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Maybe, just maybe, 2003 is going to be an ‘up turn’ for the movie going idiot, such as myself. While it’s not likely to see the light of day in the next 12 months, probably not even the next 24, it does show some promise…. What am I talking about?

Well, believe it or not but I’m sprooking about that most detested of creatures: The sequel. And what’s worse it will be number five in the franchise, if it gets made…. Still no idea? [read on]

What if I said, that the producers of this 5th installment appear to have finally come to their senses. I know a lot of people didn’t like (or as I like to put it: missed the point) of the movie ‘Unbreakable’, but for this comic book fanboy it’s been a long time coming. Comic book translations to the big screen (and indeed TV) have suffered greatly at he hands of productions that have clearly missed the heart and soul of the stories that they are cashing in on. ‘Unbreakable’ told the origin of a ‘super hero’ with all of the emotion and inspiration that most (well written) comic books do. Comics can be dark tales that recount the twisted motivations and experiences of ‘real’ people, often burdened with a ‘gift’ which only serves to complicate their lives.

Over the last couple of years there’s been a fine line walked by the producers of ‘comic’ related films. The ‘X-Men’ was arguably one of the best comic movies of recent times, it did a great job of introducing and endearing the characters to those unfamiliar to their back stories and yet gave the die hard fan enough to be satisfied – And that’s no mean feat. ‘Spider-man’ managed to walk that wire too with a stunning amount of success.

So, what am I talking about? Batman. That’s what!

Batman is not a ‘super hero’. He has no powers, he is not from another planet. He is just a man.

A man who’s parents were gunned down in front of him when he was a child, beginning a dark decent for Bruce Wayne. Pushing him to the point where he ‘chose’ to roam the streets seeking justice. He’s one twisted dude when you get down to it. And when you get down to it, he’s a vigilante.

Putting this guy in tights is a mistake… putting him in a rubber suit is almost criminal. He’s a detective. A loner. Giving him a ‘love interest’ and making him likable is tantamount to casting him as the owner of a chocolate factory and getting Gene Wilder to play the part. Bruce Wayne is one dark twisted crime fighting dude with a fat wallet…. THAT, my friend, is where he gets those wonderful toys!

Tim Burton had a crack at it with ‘Batman’, and, to be fair, he didn’t do too bad a job. But the movies (with the exception of DeVito’s Penguin) went down hill from there. However a recent posting on can lift the spirt of Dark Knight fans everywhere. While yet to be confirmed the letter which was received by ‘Moriarty’ spells out the first draft of a potential ‘Batman 5’. (apparently titled ‘The Frightening’).

Now, I could go on further with details of the letter and the ‘script’ that the letter’s writer claims to possess, but I wont, because, honestly, I’d be surprised if anyone has actually read this far. However I will say this:

With the release of the X-Men sequel on it’s way, The Hulk, DareDevil, Punisher and even talk of a new Superman film in the works – the timber of the alleged script discussed in the article, makes it a very, very exciting time to be a fanboy.

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    Unbreakable is teh_ownzoring film.

  • Interesting… I’ve been under the impression that the next film is to be called “Batman: Year One”, based on the first year that Wayne begins functioning as Batman, or as a vigelante… it took years for him to train and become proficient in his skills, his parents being killed as a child, there was a lot leading up to the time he donned the mask and cape. The first times out to fight crime he wasn’t even dressed as Batman (ended up being almost killed a few times, too).

    I’d love to see Scarecrow as the villain – another tragic story really (but a damn fine one). Infact you can almost see Johnathan Crane being a weaker Peter Parker.

  • Actually.

    a good bad guy would be that dude whos mad of Mud. i think he was called ClayFace or something.

    and the crocodile lizard man.

    and Harley Quinn. =D