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IronMan: Get the Lead Out!

Jon Favreau is probably better known to most people as Peter Becker, the rich guy who dated Monica on Friends for a short time, or maybe as Mike Peters from the movie Swingers. He’s one of those guys who just seems to show up in everything (Seinfeld, Chicago Hope, The Larry Sanders Show, The King of Queens, Monk, My Name Is Earl) and is always great. However what’s not known by most is that he is also a writer and director, in fact he wrote and directed (Edit: DID NOT! – see comments) the movie Swingers and is credited for at least one of those roles for Smog, Made, Elf, Zathura and has recently been attached (as director) to the upcoming Iron Man movie.

Marvel Entertainment, which has partnered with Paramount for Iron Man, has not only announced Favreau as the director, but has gone as far as announcing the release date of May 2008, despite not having finalized financing and backing for the film.

Like Batman, Iron Man is a superhero by choice. His (Primary) alter ego has been Anthony (Tony) Stark, however others have worn the powered suit for short periods since the character was introduced in the early 60’s. Unlike Batman, who’s appearance and abilities have remained reasonably consistent, Iron Man (Stark) has perpetually modified his armor’s appearance and upgraded it’s abilities. As a result, what started as a clunky gray suit that looked as though it were made from an old russian tractor has evolved into a funky red and gold number more comparable to an Italian sports car.

Currently there are two teams of writers working on scripts for the Iron Man movie (Matt Hollaway & Art Markum and Mark Fergus & Hawk Otsby). As yet there is no talk of casting, however Favreau has said that he is not particularly interested in having somone ‘high profile’ play the lead.

Given that Marvel Entertainment has made the bold move of announcing a release date for the film lets start the clock: [source]

Countdown to Iron Man Release:
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    favreau did not direct swingers

  • Correct you are!
    You’re right, Doug Liman directed swingers – thanks for pointing that out.