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Hacking iSync for the ePhone™

Ever since I got the ePhoneâ„¢ (the Motorola A1000) I’ve been lamenting the fact that it isn’t supported by OS X and iSync. I’d used a pretty well known hack to get it working under 10.3, but with the arrival of Tiger (OS 10.4) and iSync 2.0 things completely changed and the old hack didn’t work anymore (basically because the files that you were suppose to modify aren’t there anymore!). So i did some hunting about and worked out how to get it working again!

If you’re a Mac user, or even just curious, then hit the ‘read more’ button to find out how!

You have to edit the MetaClasses.plist file, found:

Applications > > Contents > PlugIns > ApplePhoneConduit.syncdevice > Contents > PlugIns > PhoneModelsSync.phoneplugin > Contents > Resources > MetaClasses.plist

Yeah, you’ve got to take a packed lunch, it’s a fair hike!

Anyway once there you have to edit the entry for the sony-ericsson p900 so that it looks like this:



“Motorola CE, Copyright 2004″+”GSM900″,”GSM1800”,




[b] A1000[/b]
[b] A1000.tiff[/b]

[b](the “Motorola CE, Copyright” string needs to be one line – I broke it here for the sake of page formatting)[/b]

Yeah, I even made a sexy elroy-enhanced A1000 which (if anyone wants… and you KNOW you do) you can grab from here – just drop it in the same directory where the MetaClasses.plist is found.

From that point it should just be a matter of firing iSync and going through the motions of adding the phone and such.. make sure your girlfriend/wife/both doesn’t see that icon though.. or else it’s all over.

~ elroy

NOTE: This information only pertains to iSync version 2.0 – For information regarding using the A1000 with iSync version 2.1 go HERE

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    A1000 iSync
    No luck with that hack.

    iSync 2.0 keeps telling me that the phone is not supported.

    Any hints?

  • /takes deep breath….
    Be sure that you haven’t missed the note about the string that starts with: Motorola CE, Copyright

    It MUST be one line in the plist, it’s only been split in the original post for the sake of the site format.

    Once you’ve done the steps in the original post, quit iSync, open the bluetooth preferences pane and ‘disconnect’ the A1000 (if it is connected still that is) – right click on the the iSync app and choose “show package contents” – navigate to:

    Contents > Plugins > ApplePhoneConduit.syncdevice > Contents > Resources > Agents >

    and drag the file AppleSyncAgent-uiqv1.sis onto your desktop (or where ever you want) then send it to the A1000 via bluetooth and install it – NOTE: from what I can tell it wont run from the external card.

    Once that’s done launch iSync again on your mac and attempt to sync with the A1000 – it will tell you that you need to install the software on your phone, let it – your phone will ask if you want to replace the previous install, select yes.

    Once that’s complete – launch the iSync Config app on your A1000 and then hit the Sync Devices button in iSync on the mac.

    That should do the trick… if not:

    • delete your iSync preferences
    • delete any ‘pairing’ that you have with the phone in the bluetooth preference pane.
    • sing the chorus of the Kenny Loggins hit “footloose”
    • make sure that A1000 has bluetooth turned on and that it is set to ‘Visible to other devices’
    • re ‘pair’ your mac and phone in the bluetooth pref pane
    • double check your modifications to the MetaClasses.plist – I’ve seen some people suggest that you should edit the key: to read DONT leave it as is.
    • be sure and save your changes to the MetaClasses.plist
    • launch iSync and hit the ‘Add Device’ in the ‘Devices’ menu – if all goes well you should be good to go from there.

  • why not ? I’m Gius from Rome, Italy
    Hi Elroy,
    i’m Gius from Rome, Italy.
    I’ve appreciated all of your tricks, but it seems that doesn’t works.
    The result is the same “iSync doesn’t support the phone”.
    I’ve checked that the line Motorola CE it’s ONE line, i’ve checked that i’ve sent the file Applesyncagentuiqv1.sis on the a1000 and installed.
    But the result it’s the same….
    Please, let me a little hope…
    Tell me something more….
    I’ve an iMac G4 with Tiger, updated from 10.3.8

    Myname’s Giuseppe, and my address it’s

  • Hi Gius
    I don’t really know what to say Gius, if the steps that I’ve outlined above don’t work then that’s pretty much all I know. You could however try starting fresh:

    • Make sure that any entries regarding the A1000 are deleted from iSync
    • Delete the A1000 from the Bluetooth Preference Pane (In the System
    • Make sure that the Bluetooth File is not running
    • Restart the phone and the Mac – this is probably not entirely necessary but it always make me feel better

    Then go about trying again. You should (after re-establishing a link in the bluetooth pref pane) be able to connect to your phone in iSync without doing anything further. In most cases (even here) you should only need to apply the changes to the plist (from the first post) and things will work just fine. Where I had trouble was that I had spent many days tinkering trying to make it work, which only resulted in creating more problems once I’d discovered a working solution.

    I hope that helps.

    ~ elroy

  • Hey Elroy!
    Your advice worked for me….at least partially!! Thanks.

    I’m running a PB G4 1.5 Ghz with Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger and of course, the a1000 mobile phone.

    I have 2000 address book addresses. It takes obviously quite a while for it to sync, however when it gets to about 90%, it just loses the connection for some reason. Any clues to why this happens?

    I could sync iCal info fine (when I just choose just to sync the iCal info). This tells me that iSync actually is connecting with the phone and data can be exchanged properly.

    I suppose that its possible that perhaps there is an upper limit of numbers of names/addresses that can be synced safely. But now I’m unable to delete the numbers/addresses from my a1000 because since syncing with my mac, it doesn’t seem to effectively sync with my windows machine!!

    Any hints or suggestions? email me at address).

    Kind regards,

  • Hey Arnold
    I’ve got no idea why that could be happening! If everything is connecting and communicating ok (and works fine when you don’t try to transfer your 2000 contacts) then my only guess is that you are hitting the limits of what the A1000 is capable of holding.. that’s just a guess though – I’m sure that some quick research will tell you if the A100 actually has an upper limit for the number of contacts it can hold.

    Oh, one idea that just came to mind is that you may want to check to see what the bluetooth settings on your phone are – make sure it’s not set to turn off the connection after 10 minutes.

    I hope there’s something of use to you here Arnold, if not, I hope you find a solution somewhere.. either way, please let us know how you go.

    ~ elroy

  • Gius, try this
    I couldn’t get it to work then I tried this… [URL=]click[/URL] changing the text in the downloaded plist file that was to do with the nokia phone so it was the same as the text suggested by Elroy and restarted everything. When I set up the A1000 in Bluetooth the ‘sync contacts’ option was no longer greyed out.

    Joe at hotandstripey dotty organisation

  • I must be thick
    I too have a Motorola A1000 and want to sync it with my mac. I know nothing about scripting. So when you say “You have to edit the MetaClasses.plist file, found:

    Applications > > Contents > PlugIns > ApplePhoneConduit.syncdevice > Contents > PlugIns > PhoneModelsSync.phoneplugin > Contents > Resources > MetaClasses.plist ”

    … I have no idea how to do this. Can you give me a step by step way about doing this? It would be greatly appreciated.



  • A925?
    Is it possible to do the same thing with A925?
    Iv’e tried to write:
    “Motorola CE, Copyright 2004″+”GSM900″,”GSM1800”, “GSM1900″,”WCDMA”,”MODEL=A925″ (in one line) without succes. Any sugestions?

    Thomas Swedin from Sweden.

  • Guess work
    I guessed at the settings for the A1000, as I have one I was able to use trial and error to get it to work. I don’t have access to a A925 so I really can’t say what will and wont work for it. I would have assumed that what you’ve done there with the model number would have worked – so i really don’t have anything else to suggest, other than deleting everything (preference files and remove the phone from the bluetooth preferences pane) and starting again.

    Did you also change the keys at the bottom of the code?

    Good luck.

    ~ elroy

  • dk
    soory man but i tryed every ting but it is not working can u send me the MetaClasses as it should be


  • applesyncagent
    Could anyone send me the file “applesyncagent-s60v22.sis please???

  • jads
    does the a1000 support address book pictures like the p900 then?

    thanks – jads