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The answer to your prayers!

In an effort to generate more unnecessary and stupid content for this site (and in conjunction with an attempt to keep Furious and Buzzmoo off the streets for at least a few minutes a week) I’ve decided that we’re going to re-open the Ask An Idiot email box and see if we can’t, once again solve the worlds woes!

While the previous incarnation of Ask An Idiot saw a seemingly never ending torrent of absolutely brilliant advice from myself and Furious, this time we’re going to add the somewhat questionable resource that is Buzzmoo to the pool of experience from which we will be drawing the solutions to your questions… so BRING IT ON PEOPLE!!!

All we ask is that you refrain from mentioning your (or anybody else’s) testicles in your emails.. because – seriously – if your question is about testicles then you should seriously be asking an M.D. about it.. or, at very least, your dentist!

So send your (non-reproductive organ based) question in by clicking here and we’ll get our think tank onto it ASAP!

Please include your desired alias so as to keep your true identity safe!

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    I’ve got a, er, friend who’s got this question about his testicles. If you guys can’t answer it, then where should I go???