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XMen: Hot and Frosty?

With the dust barely even settling on the release of X3 there’s already talk of a number of ‘spin off’ movies. Although, I’m not entirely sure that the term ‘spin off’ really applies here, given that the whole X-men thing spans more comic titles than I care to count.. but I digress. Amongst the (pretty much) confirmed new X-genra films are titles featuring both Wolverine and Magento. However there are two other movies currently being discussed. One focusing on the students attending Charles Xavier’s school for the ‘gifted’ and the other introducing an as yet unseen (in the films at least) character known as Emma Frost.

Emma Frost, also know as The White Queen has something of a checkered history as it relates to the Xmen. She’s been part of X-universe from back in the ‘uncanny’ days. She’s been a goodie and a baddie, but through it all she’s always been portrayed as ridiculously hot:

Now, this could be something to get excited about.. but then lets not forget the complete road accident that ELECTRA turned out to be… I recommend keeping your pants on until we at least hear some casting news!

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