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Ratner vs the X-Men

A large portion of my work lately has been writing movie reviews and, while I’ve been creating content for various purposes/clients for a while, I don’t think that I’ve enjoyed anything more than being paid to watch movies. Its not just watching movies though, it’s getting to examine how a movie came about and who the people involved in it were.. I’m actually starting to recognize more and more of the names that scroll past at the end of a film now.
Now, I’m not saying that I’m an expert or anything and, if I’m honest, my reviews (while improving) still have a way to go. However I’m starting to know what to expect from a movie based on knowing who’s involved – Even before a movie hits the screen. I guess it’s like studying a form guide at the races. Reading that the team behind Catwoman is together again for a new project is bound to set off alarm bells… such is the case with X-Men3….

Months ago I read that X-Men3 was all go and that made me happy. Everyone was coming back, Hugh, Halle, Patrick: The whole mutant gang! SWEET! But best off all Bryan Singer was returning to direct the third installment of one of the best Graphic novel adaptations to date.
With Brian you get the whole package, he writes, directs and even puts his money where his mouth is and gets a Producers credit on most of his outings too. That said, I was delighted to hear that Singer was in the running to helm the new Superman movie (Superman Returns) – EXCELLENT! So far he’s proven that he knows how to bring our favorite heros to the screen, so getting another X-Men flick out of him AND having his hand in the revival of Superman made me giddy with excitement.. But that’s when we hit a big, fat, ugly. George Lucas sized problem…

Scheduling of the two movies began to conflict. Singer eventually had to make a choice and he chose Supe’s over X3. DAMN IT! Still, as Christopher Nolan just proved with Batman Begins, there are other Directors out there who know how to make good (read: excellent) Graphic Novel based films – so I still held out hope that X3 would live up to the standard set by Singer – I held out hope that those involved in the process of selecting a new helmsman for X3 would do the right thing and pick someone with the ability to do it right – Someone who knows how to tell a good story and would stay true to the X-Men legacy…. I was wrong.

Brett Ratner (Rush Hour 1 and 2, Red Dragon) has signed on as the new director… much to the chagrin of those following the saga. Now, to be fair, Red Dragon wasn’t a bad movie, some would even say it’s better than Silence of the Lambs, but those people are idiots.
What’s really got people nervous about the Rush Hour director taking on X3 is that he appears to be running off the rails a little bit when it comes to the subject matter. It’s come to light that he plans to create a new character, a ‘sexy’ mutant, whose ‘powers’ are that she has the ability to seduce her enemies, rather than fight them.. Well, that’s just stupid! For one, that’s hardly a ‘super power’, Hell, I can do that! Secondly, WHY???

There’s a full stable of mutants that already exist in the source material! Most of them have hardly even gotten a look in yet! Why on earth would anyone feel the need to go off an create such a contrived character? RE-TAR-DED!

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  • Is Ratner making X-men 3 or a bad porno movie XXX-Men??


  • Wait….
    It doesn’t sound that bad when you put it that way!!

  • You’d better sit down Elroy…
    Not because Ratner is still pushing for a summer 2006 release date, No! Two cryptic/ sledgehammer like questions dominate;
    Have you seen “I ‘heart’ Huckabees” by David O. Russell?
    Are you still a fan of The Silver Surfer?

    No, this is not a joke.

  • Dumbest.question.ever
    That’s like asking “hey elroy, do you like boobies?”

    The Silver Surfer is the greatest of all heros – Always will be.. no matter how badly they screw the movie up (although I’m praying that they don’t).

    So: Yes, I’m aware of the plans to make the SS movie – I figured it was only a matter of time now that the Fantastic Four movie has been made (although I expected SS to show up in an F4 sequel before getting his own movie – but it appears that we’re getting an origin movie first.. which will be friggin sweet!.. I hope!).

    As for the other part of your cryptic messages: No, I’ve not seen “I ‘heart’ Huckabees” so I’m not sure what to make of that. Unless you’re implying that David O. Russell is somehow involved in the SS movie… come on… spit it out!

    ~ elroy

  • …maybe if I say it in Haiku…
    Yes he is going to direct it (hopefully) as he won a lot of fans with his zen buddhissm infused ‘Huckabees’. Hope you get a chance to catch it, its a pretty good film.

  • I see…
    Well, I’ll be sure to check it out – if they’re gonna do SS right then they are going to need someone with a knack for the spiritual – after all SS was the only soul on Earth (while he was trapped here) that Mephisto actually felt was pure enough to go after!

    Thanks for the info.

    ~ elroy