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So the crabs are boring are they? Well let me tell you that tonight things got ugly!!! UGLY I tells ya!
The team were just poking about in their tank when things between Turbo and Whitie got a tad heated! (I don’t think it was a race thing though!)
Anyway as luck would have it the ‘EOL’ cameras were rolling and I am able to show you proof of the un-characteristic display that took place tonight… we are having their water check for tampering… I suspect Lex Luthor myself..

Download the footage: WHEN CRABS ATTACK! [contains violence]

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Sun Apr 7 23:56:12 2002

Well Barb and I decide to lash out and grab a few more crabs to add to our collection – no sooner did we arrive home with the additions to the crustation population of our tank (plus some extra shells and more sand) then a little spat broke out between Whitie and one of the new guys, Slug.
One of the new shells apparently took the eye of Slug – who proceeded to sus it out in a big way! I mean it – He actually left his own shell to ‘try on’ the green one – apparently only to find it not to his liking and returned to his original shell – I have NEVER seen them do this before!
Anyway a little later Whitie takes an interest in the green shell and – well, lets just say that Slug must have still been mulling the move over… and you guessed it – I caught the lot on EOL-vision:

Download: SHELL ENVY [contains nudity and violence]

One thing that I have to add here is that these clips are not of common behavior – at least not behavior that I am used to seeing from them.

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    You’re a sick fuck
    damnit. i wanted to log out first, so i could be anonymous


  • erm…
    …why do you say that Simon?

  • :(
    mov files make me a sad panda

  • dude – don’t cry
    just go to and get QT – if you are one of these who are scared of it cause it’s made by apple… well – imagine how I felt installing Microshaft orifice on my G4!

    QT shouldn’t give you any problems really, and when you have it you can watch all of the movie trailers that are here: and of course the videos at and the crab movies here!

    Plus that Apple server is uber fast! – if you are on Broadband you should peak all the way!

  • I still claim./..
    WarT is a sick panda


    heheh :D


  • I think I speak for…
    all of us Simon when I say: “huh?”

  • I would just like to say…..
    Thank you Mr Elroy :)

  • No worries Foz