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Comix cross over

Ok – Well, it seems that EOL has really gone to the crabs now! The first of what will most defiantly NOT be a regular feature (I will do more – but not too often!) I have posted the first X-CRABS comic – which is a direct cross over with the ‘comix’ that is to be posted tomorrow night on The Furman Machine

Check out The X-Crabs: Issue 1

Much thanks to Simon for his help with this issue too.

COMPLETELY UNRELATED: Morgues is jealous!

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    i am so jealous
    what can i say?

    you have a simpsons character looking JUST fucking like you

    gfrfrrrrrgsfgds098vc09b >:(

    it was earth all along

  • Pain Killer
    Yeah, I thought the very same thing!
    You do it? Or custom made? Is very nice :)

    Or is it an existing character which just happens to look like you? lol

  • I wish!
    Nope I didn’t do it – iBrett found it he is an existing character – I’d love to know what episode he’s in though – so if any Simpsons heads out there recognize him please let me know!

  • ~!!!!!!!!
    I wil get Tom to look into it, sir!

  • WTF!!
    That is actually quite good sir! :)

  • ROFL
    Don’t sound so surprised Fozzie!

  • But I am!! :D