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The ‘roysux’ bug fixed!!

In late breaking news – Sitebox creator ‘Roy’ today went on a sitebox site updating spree – spreading his bug fixing goodness!
Of particular note is the fact that the now famous ‘roysux’ bug (which has been responsible for more deaths than incorrectly applied hemroid cream) has been fixed!
This means you may punctuate your comments with abandon!

All hail the sitebox god!

Oh – and he added topic icons for the news! Neato!!

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    oh yeah more pics of ur ugly mug :P

  • ^ ME ^
    i forgot to login :/

  • ello
    lo elroy, just wanted to test the comments out :)

  • Help myself
    cool, thanks I will
    (Terror takes his pills)

  • pfft
    You know you want it biatch!!

  • dreaming, don’t stop dreaming

  • What topic icons? Where?

  • silly muppet
    See the picture of my ugly bonce in the latest post? – or the ‘wholly crab’ image in the previous post?…. on the front page i mean – not here!

    They are the topic icon!

  • Oh leave him alone. I think he’s gorgeous.

    Ooooo…. Look at all the pretty stars man. You guys have to try this shit, it’ll blow your mind.

  • Of course I knew that – I was just stringing you along

    /me tries not to feel too stupid,

    Actually I realised just after I posted this. Was hoping you would start p a new topic and this would be ignored. As if I could be so lucky.

    In the meantime go here:

  • Damn where is the edit button!!!!
    The above should have read “Actually I realised just after I posted the above message.”


  • OK, well now…
    I wont post anything new on the main page for a week – just so that no-one misses out on readnig about THAT^ cock up!

  • HO HO HO
    Fozzie yuo dope :p

  • fuck you elroy
    fuck you elroy

    fuck you in the goat ass

  • HUH?
    Did I win something?


  • Silly furious!
    You win a goat – not a game!

  • !!!!!!

  • Woohoo!
    You have posted a new topic :D

  • a goat? bandit will be interested

  • HORNY!
    huh ?? huh ?? anyone said goat?? where is it god damn it !!

  • trust you