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Movie: Indy vs The Mummy

Many films have attempted to capture audiences with the same sense of ‘boys own’ adventure that the Indiana Jones trilogy has owned since the release of Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981. Some have come close, some not so much. Personally I believe that not even it’s own sequels matched the sense of fun and adventure that ‘Raiders’ bought to the screen (although Last Crusade was came damn close), so the chances of someone else being able to establish anything close is nigh on unthinkable… The team behind ‘THE MUMMY’ franchise have probably got as close as anyone, but are they about to blow the whole thing with an as yet untitled third instalment?

Movieweb has reported that, while neither Brendan Fraser or Rachel Weisz have signed on for another instalment, Universal are (so far) moving forward with the project. Previous Writer/Director Stephen Sommers wont be performing either of those roles however he will be onboard as one of the films producers. Now, for anyone who read my guidelines for picking when a sequel is gonna suck [here], this sort of news should make the hair on the back of your neck stand up… Even more so when you learn who it is that’s been signed on as director. It’s the guy you can hold accountable for such crapfests as THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, xXx and STEALTH: Rob Cohen.

There are also some new writers who’ll be keeping Cohen company at the ‘new guy’ table in the cafeteria whenever shooting starts. Two of them actually; the inseparable guys behind SMALLVILLE, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. Now, while I’m something of a Smallville fan, I wont say that Gough and Millar’s involvement actually instils me with a great deal of confidence, after all, these guys also have writing credits on the movies SHOWTIME, SHANGHAI KNIGHTS and HERBIE FULLY LOADED.

Perhaps I’m the only one thinking this but, to me, it seems like the MUMMY franchise could be putting itself into a dangerous place, particularly when you consider the fact that Spielberg, Lucas and Ford have [not only] found a script that they are all happy with, but have announced that they will begin filming the next Indiana Jones film, in various location around the world, as soon as this June. Of course, these guys are also working with a new writer, David Koepp. However given that all of the major players in this production had to sign off on the script before this movie would move forward (They knocked back quite a few apparently) and the fact that Koepp comes with some mighty fine credentials (Secret Window, War of the Worlds, Stir of Echoes, Carlito’s Way), I don’t have anywhere near the concern for IJ4 that do for the new Mummy project.

Sometimes new blood will help revive new life into a franchise which could possibly be on it’s last breath, and I hope that this is the case for the next MUMMY film. However I can’t help but think that making changes to the core of the creative team when you’re going out (no matter how you look at it) in the shadow of a film, by the team that defined the genre, is only going to get you into trouble – As always though, I hope I’m wrong and I hope that both of these films blow our minds. [source] [source]

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    David Koepp
    I’m glad you mentioned ‘Stir of Echoes’ as one of David Koepp’s films. Absolutely brilliant exercise in horror that was eclipsed by The Sixth Sense which was released around the same time and also starred a kid who could ‘see dead people’ (or, at least, talk to them). Don’t forget he also wrote the 1991 Wil Wheton vehicle (you don’t hear THAT phrase often) Toy Soldiers. Not a bad flick for its time…really.

  • what?
    No love for Stealth?

  • hmmm…
    C’mon!! What about Jessica Biel!!!
    Heck, even if she DIDN’T say anything and they just let the plane do all the talking, you still have a hit!!
    Hold on a sec… Didn’t David Hassellhoff do something similar?…

  • hmmmm Jessica…
    Yeah, i mean, that scene where she crawls through the mud was just about Academy Award worthy… Now, I can’t say I’d pay to see David Hasselhoff do that!

  • There is simple no comparison between both franchises. Iliked the first MUMMY cuz it was very funny and remind me how i loved so much the INDIANA JONES TRILOGY, ROMANCING THE STONE of some other similars treasure hunt adventure but definately THE MUMMY RETURNS was such a downer, now the producers hired a new director instead Stephen Sommers (after the crappy mummy sequel and his “Van helsing” Garbage” bo obe were confident on hi) at from wath i saw on the director`s movie blog the film looks good with a new mummy, a chinese one, and a new destination which no longer is Egypt. Again there is no comparison between Indy and THE MUMMY, we could say one is just a pale imitation of that classic which begun more than 25 years with “Raiders” and, off course, we have again the “Berg” behind cameras in this new one and Harrison Ford(altought his age the man looks great and very fit) as the Man with the Hat.
    Perhaps THE MUMMY 3,TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR has some oportunity as far its released from may.