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Even less of a point than EOL… really!

I get email – no, really, I do! – from people who have a variety of things to say about a variety of subjects… Usually at some point in these well written correspondences I am asked, what is becoming known here in the E-Shack as, The Question – which, of course, is “What is the point of your web site?”.

I understand the question – really I do – but what’s baffled me is attempting to determine the reason for asking! Well – I now find myself on the other side of the question – I have found a site that is not only far better designed than EOL – but is far more pointless than I could ever hope that EOL become.

Can such a site truly exist!? – Yes, yes it can… It’s called

My domain, but most people too stupid to understand, so I explain now at beginning.

Origami, is Japanese art of folding paper. Boulder is round rock. Origami Boulder is wadded up paper! You understand now, dumbo? Then hurry up and buy wadded paper!

This site has bought two things (aside from the art of paper wadding) to my attention. One: I must work harder at making this site more pointless and, Two: I am far too nice to the people who visit here… yes, I’m talking about you moron…. ah! that’s better..

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