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EOL – it teh soothes

I just has one of those “what the f**k???” moments whilst checking my webstats.

The stats for my site include a buttload of (mostly useless) lists of the most common accessed files, site entry and exit pages, referrers and search strings… Now, usually when stuff that I don’t expect to shows up in the search string I’ll run the search myself to see where and why it pointed that unfortunate visitor to this site.. well, as I said, while checking the stats this afternoon I found several entries simply marked as “elroyonline”.. so I ran the search myself and turned up something… disturbing.

Check THIS page out… scroll down to almost the bottom (pardon the pun) of the page and repeat after me “what the f**k!?”

The EOL post that their link refers seems to make a vague reference to the subject that they are discussing – however they seem to be suggesting that EOL is something of a pain in the ass… they are yet to be proven wrong!

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