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Sun + Melbourne = Chapel Street

If you live in Melbourne then you’re familiar with the ‘pleasures’ of Chapel Street in Prahan on a sunny day.. Yesterday was just such a day, and having just gotten my DV cam back from Mr. Hu at the repair shop I thought I’d take it out for a spin.
I rang iBrett and ran the idea past him and he was keen as mustard to get over there, so after a check to make sure the DV cam’s battery was full of juice, we grabbed our sunglasses and took off for the afternoon..

And HERE is the result!
[7.4 meg avi, encoded with DivX 5.2.1]


~ elroy

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    Dandy Warhols = win
    i dont know why i download all the movie links i see sometimes…

    – MoonUnit

  • Because we tell you to.

  • /cracks whip!

  • That was like a unsuccessful episode of bundbus.


  • And that was an unsuccessful attempt to type bangbus.