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Cutting Edge Space Travel!

It was a tough call on which category to put this guy under! Both ‘Boffin’ and ‘Stoopid’ would seem to have a valid claim on him… but then I was tempted too to make up an “extremely frikkin jealous” icon for it as well!

To for-fill a life long desire to travel into space Steve Bennett decided that, rather than study and train hard and be accepted into the NASA program, he’d just go and build his own rocket! So, at a cost (so far) of 2 million pounds, that’s exactly what he’s done!

At the moment Steve’s one man rocket is in the process of being tested… which seems to mostly consist of it being thrown out of various types of aircraft and falling back to earth at speeds up too 150 miles per hour with Steve, no doubt screaming like a man plummeting to his imminent death, inside. Once that process is complete they will be strapping 5 three-tonne engines to the rocket… It is unclear what type of strapping will be used, although experts here at EOL have ruled out string and “that blue box strapping stuff” as being far too expensive.

“There is an element of risk,” Says Steve ‘captain of the frikkin obvious’ Bennett, “I fully recognise the dangers and don’t do this in a light-hearted way”. Steve will be prepared for all dangers though, as he will be taking a big knife along with him… let that stand as warning to any mutant space zombi satellites or muggers considering rolling Steve as he heads out of earths atmosphere!

Should all be successful this time around Steve and his team are planning to build another, larger, rocket in an attempt to kill 3 people at once.

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