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iSync 2.1.1 and the A1000 PWNED

Those ever lovin’ fools over there at Apple compute-R-US have just released a fairly hefty system update (To 10.4.3 – for those playing at home). With it is, among an array of neato updates to Safari and the like, is a pretty minor update to iSync.. which, of course, breaks the haxored syncing for us ePhone owners.. more commonly known as a Motorola A1000.

PHERE KNOT! I just ran the update and then applied the tried and true method for syncing which worked with iSync 2.1 and it’s all good folks!

iSync will want to install the sync agent again, but that’s no big deal – however, the one issue that i did discover is that it now requires that you install the agent on the phone’s internal memory.. again, no biggy, just giving everyone the heads up is all.

Here’s the hack, once again, for old times sake >>>

I’ve ‘bolded’ the lines that need to be changed – simply replace the text that already exists with the changes that I’ve made – conversly you can just copy and paste this whole chunk over the p900 entry in the MetaClasses.plist, which is found by right clicking on the and choosing ‘Show package content’ – then navigate to the file:

Contents > PlugIns > ApplePhoneConduit.syncdevice > Contents > PlugIns > PhoneModelsSync.phoneplugin > Contents > Resources > MetaClasses.plist

If you totally want to class up your.. well.. life… you can use this custom EOL A1000 icon for your phone. Just drop it in the same directory as the MetaClasses.plist

Also I’ve just of the hell of it I created this schweet ePhone wallpaper too – Purely by accident some weird holographic effect thing happens to the text when the wallpaper is displayed on the phone’s screen (maybe normal TFT displays too).. which makes it, even more the cool.

~ elroy

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    done precisely but this time doesn’t work…
    i did it by my self first, then try pasting your code right in the place, none. it doesn’t see any phone as soon as I want to add a new device.
    But in the bluetooth control the device shows up…

  • Try replacing just the corresponding lines in the new plist with the bolded ones from the code above. This seems to have helped a couple of people to get it working.

    ~ elroy

  • OK, I’ve updated the code so that it is exactly like the formatting of the new plist. I don’t know why it worked for some the other way and not others, but this seems to be a universal cure.

    ~ elroy

  • chinese wind on A1000
    Hi Elroy
    I am new here and I have a painful quest to sync my new A1000 with my PB.
    It has been a week of frustration, pain and hope.
    I looked at your website, comments, script etc.
    I browse around the web for a solution.try them all.
    NO SYNC!
    Here is my configuration : A1000 brand new from HK + Apple PB 17′, 512 ram,1.33ghz,OS 10 4.3. Used to sync my P900.
    Now, this is what I have done so far.I tried all the scripts ( before and after iSync 2.1), I can set up the A1000 on my PB but when I want to add device with iSync, it shows the pic of Motorola A1000 ( not yours) and mention cannot support this device…means if I understood the trick, your script didn’t fool my PB.
    I just tried the script u have online ,the latest. No succes. I noticed some script are without the P908 string line.I trried that too. I tried some script with modelname as A1000 and some others as P900. I tried them all.
    But which one is the bloody correct?
    I follow your procedure correctly I believed.
    Does it matter if each line is at the same pposition as your example online( which I cannot copy n paste btw..??? ) ?
    I even tried to bring back iSync 2.0 and re-install 2.1 !!
    Now I have done so many things without success that I probably mixed up a few things thta I am not aware of. But most of all, I want to sync my phone badly to get my contact on it . You seems to be the only one who knows and can help me on this planet web.
    So, what the hell is going on with me Elroy?
    Do u need a look at my metaclassplist ?

  • When I first tried to get my A1000 to sync with iSync I did much the same as you have: I tried a whole heap of different things.

    In the end it turned out that THAT was the problem! All the different things that I tried were interfering with each other.. so, what I do now is start from scratch each time I need to re-hack iSync.

    Use the latest version of iSync (with a clean metaclasses.plist), delete the iSync preferences, ‘un-pair’ your phone from your powerbook and THEN start with the hacking.

    Just replace the ‘bolded’ lines from the script above and then re ‘pair’ your phone and powerbook – that should do the trick.. it should even launch iSync during the pairing process and install the sync agent on your phone.

    Best of luck, if you have any further problems feel free to post them here:

    ~ elroy