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Heroes: Genesis

A few of days ago I mentioned a couple of the new shows that are either airing now, or due to air soon, which have caught my attention. Well, after having had the chance to slap my eyeballs up against the pilot for the new NBC series, Heroes, I can pretty much tell that I’m already a fan.

You’d be forgiven for disregarding Heroes as some thing of X-Men, The 4400 or, that gawd awful Mutant X clone, because the show has an almost identical logline to those others: Heroes is the story of everyday people who discover that they have extraordinary abilities. Unlike The 4400 and Mutant X though there’s no evidence that these people have been ‘tampered’ with. They, like the X-Men, are the result of natural human evolution. Or, at least, that’s what is suggested in the cut of the pilot episode that I was able to view.

Honestly, if you’re a fan of the whole X-Men concept, then this really could be the show that you’ve been waiting for. The pilot makes it clear that this show intends to take it’s time (not LOST time, hopefully) and develop it’s characters, it’s beautifully shot and the performances are great. During the pilot we are introduced to four (maybe five) people with special abilities, however the episode gave the impression that there could well be more of these 2.0 people getting about.

I’m hesitant to post too much more about Heroes as I don’t want to ruin too much of the discovery experience for you peeps (there’s nothing quite like watching the first episode of a show that you know little or nothing about), but I will say this much: Hang in there. I was starting to think that I had the whole episode worked out when, right before the frikkin ‘to be continued’ popped up, they threw a curve ball at me. [source]

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