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OS X 86 hacking T-Shirt: EOL Style

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OS X 86 hacking T-Shirt: EOL Style

So the whole intertron has been a buzz with all this news of the leaked Apple Developer build of OS X for Intel (x86) machines getting itself all hacked and pillaged and installed on ‘generic’ PCs everywhere by crafty hacker/pillage/installer types.

Now, while I think this is pretty cool and, if pressed and threatened with a chair by Steve Ballmer (why he’d threaten me, I don’t know) I’d probably confess to having had a reasonable amount of success getting said build of OS X to run on my PC here in the e-shackâ„¢ – however other, not so attractive or intelligent people, have not been so successful, which is where I come in.. again… HEY, It’s my site, I’ll come in as much as I like!

Where was I? Oh, yeah – I’ve designed a t-shirt, so that all you unsuccessful OS X 86 hacking try-hards can display your ineptitude with pride!


Wear it with pride… and pants.

~ elroy

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