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Fanboy: System Purge

In what can only be described as ‘A huge friggin let down’, Kate Beckinsale has denied that she’ll be playing the lead in Joss Whedon’s upcoming Wonder Woman. Not only is it a let down because, lets face it, Kate would make a pretty wicked Wonder Woman, but now we’re back into rampant geek speculation mode, with names like Catherine Zeta Jones and Sandra Bullock being irresponsibly tossed about.

There must be something whacky going on. Maybe we’ve slipped into bizarro world or something. The closer the release of Superman Returns gets, the more I’m starting to think that it may be a real turkey. Believe me, nobody wants this movie to kick ass more than I do, but i just can’t shake the feeling that it’s got lame written all over it… [link]

Confirming that we are indeed in bizarro world, X3 broke box office records over it’s opening weekend. And also now holds the record for the best box office takings on a Friday in movie history… I can’t help but feel that Brian Singer deserves a lot of the credit for that.. after all, people really are going to see X3 because the other two were such great fun… [link]

Super-hero movies had major representation at the MTV Awards: With Fantastic Four’s Jessica Alba not only doing the hosting honors, but also collecting the ‘Sexiest Performance’ prize for Sin City. Christian Bale accepted the ‘Best Hero’ award for his outing as Batman and, to top it off, the award was presented to him by Brandon Routh (Superman)… [link]

Right! Now that thats out of my system, I promise that the next post I make will be devoid of references to people who wear tights and fight crime! However, I can’t promise that it wont be full of nerdy goodness!

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