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Electronic eye – too cool for words!

Just doing some late night surfing when I came across the most amazing article at Wired. It appears that we (humans) have reached yet another of those moments where the elements of science fiction encroach on the ‘real’ worlds. Aside from the awe of the technical achievements detailed in this article, credit also has to go to writer Steven Kotler who has written a fantastic account of his interaction and observations during the moments when the worlds first bionic eye is turned on:

My arms are under his, trying to steady the weight. His head snaps toward mine, and I take it on the chin with the force of a solid right cross. We’re now close enough that I can count the wires going into his head. I can see a faint scar where a surgeon’s saw cut a hole in his skull and removed a chunk of it like a plug from a drain. Finally, the techs move to action. They’re up and struggling to unhook the patient from the seeing machine — but really, what can they do? It’s in his brain. I’m pretty sure he’s going to die in my arms.

The five page article is harrowing at times, informative and astounding all the way through. Too often we disregard these sorts of achievements because the line between true science and science fiction has been blurred for many of us – but this article brings the achievement of Dr. William Dobelle and his team into focus.

Read the full ‘Wired’ article HERE

Brain hurt now?
Head over to’s collection of stupid flash animation files – that’ll stop ya thinkin!

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