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Another boyhood crush in ruins!

Well, Well, Well.. Just when you thought that the barrel had really been scraped the brain trust (that is the faceless movie making machine, that is Hollywood, that is the folks that we hand our cash over to every time we go to the movies) have managed to dig up the corpse of yet another TV show of yester-year and beat it senseless with the final remains of dignity held by one of todays ‘stars’…

As if it wasn’t bad enough that there are plans in the works to make a ‘MacGyver’ movie WITHOUT Richard Dean Anderson, we are now to be subjected to a remaking or retelling or re-imagining (or whatever excuse they use) of ‘Bewitched‘. But wait – it gets worse…. kiss any fond boyhood memories of the spunky Elisabeth Montgomery goodbye, because the role of ‘Samantha’ has been claimed by the star of BMX Bandits, Nicole Kidman.

So, how is Nicole preparing herself to step into the shoes of a beloved television icon…. Why she’s standing in front of the mirror practicing her nose twitching:

“I haven’t gotten the nose down yet, but I’m determined that I’ll do my own nose twitching and they won’t have to use special effects,”

Good thing too because the special effects team will be hard at work creating the illusion that she’s acting….

… And before you ask… YES! I am pissed off! Elizabeth Montgomery, Barbara Eden and the chick who played wonder woman were responsible for the early onset of puberty for a whole generation and I wont have their memories tarnished!

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    Its times like these i’m glad i was born about 20 years too late, and subsequently missed all Bewitched reruns by not watching TV.

  • wow, i’m actually logged in this time!

  • BAH!
    You missed all the good stuff… but at least you were around in time for Knight Rider!


  • Was that the evil car with cool lights that killed people?

  • nope…
    It was the car that was programed to be David Hasselhoff’s friend… but it may well have become evil as a result of that.

  • And it killed people, right?