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Band Picker Thing a Me Jigger

Doing some “body clock totally out of whack, can’t sleep, nothing but infomercials on the tube” late night surfing tonight and I stumbled across this little treat thanks to the guys over at

“What’s the treat?” I hear you ask.. well, it’s a site called Gnoosic – It’s a pretty neat little site for music lovers everywhere… especially if you’re looking for something new, but want to take, at least some, of the risk out of it!

What the site does is ask you to list three bands that you currently like and it then makes a suggestion of a new band that, based on the bands listed in the same company as the bands that you chose, by others, you may enjoy…. You know, I’m not even sure that sentence made sense – Meh, good luck getting a more coherent one out of me… it is 2:45am after all!

Point being – this thing works! It suggest that I may enjoy the works of bands such as ‘Dispatch’, ‘Oar’ and ‘Howie Day’ and, after ‘sampling’ some of their works I’m heading down to the import section of JB Hi-Fi tomorrow to see what’s in stock!

It’s my find of the night for sure! Now to find my way to sleep!

Another Adelaide Trip Documented Digitally!

I almost forgot to post that the Adelaide AV Con video is done, complete, finished and posted – if you’re interested grab a copy from here.

Warning! it’s a hefty download so you’ll be wanting a broadband connection or a butt load of patience!

~ Enjoy

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