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Pure Evil, Wrapped in Fur.

I’m not a cat person.. by that I don’t mean that I’m trying to quell those rumors hat I’m from the planet Feline Alpha Nine, what I mean is – I don’t like cats. In fact, I’m not a big fan of keeping free spirited animal as a pet at all.. The good lady Barberella however, IS (Both from Feline Alpha Nine AND a Cat person).

As such, she’s been nagging…. I mean, politely suggesting in a fashion that is in no way at all irritating beyond comprehension, that we should get a cat….. read on

As mentioned in the previous post I scored some power tools from Santa.. so I decided to do some (much needed) renovations to the eShackâ„¢ bathroom. What’s this got to do with cats? Well, while at the hardware store picking up supplies I noticed a sign which said “Abandoned Kitten for Adoption”… Foolishly I pointed the sign out to the good lady Barberella and.. you guessed it.. we now have a kitten.

The damn critter wont leave me alone! As soon as I sit down to work Skooter (that’s what we named the kitten) comes and jumps up onto my desk and starts wanting to play. Clearly evolution has worked it’s magic here, because the little bugger is just too cute for me to be mean to – as much as I want to shove her away and get on with my work I just can’t bring myself to do it… as a result I’m stuck with this new companion:

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    My mother got an abandoned kitten sometime early 2003 and within 6 months it had outgrown her other cats.

    Huge fat ugly fucker it is too.

  • As always..
    That’s a highly entertaining and informative story there Furious.. I think we can all learn something from it.

    Thanks Donster, I’ll pass on the thought to the new mother.

    ~ elroy

  • To quote Ambrose Bierce…
    CAT, n. A soft, indestructible automaton provided by nature to be kicked when things go wrong in the domestic circle.

    The Devil’s Dictionary (aka. The Cynic’s Word Book) – Best book ever.

  • Maybe I should have registered and logged in before posting the above…

  • My mum’s cat’s breath smells like my mum’s cat food.

    The answer to your next question is yes.

  • excellent!
    What time should I be there?

  • Any time after 2 pm

  • Skooter is teh coolness.