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There’s stuff in the water!

In the last couple of weeks there’s been some whacky discoveries hauled out of the oceans of the world. Well, not actually hauled as such, but you get the idea I’m sure. Just over a week ago some Japanese fishermen managed to snap his fuji off in the direction of a GIANT FRIGGIN SQUID and now I’m reading that satellites have confirmed sightings of a MYSTERY FRIGGIN GLOW.

Now, feel free to call me odd (I’ve been called worse.. and YES, probably by you!) but this has got me thinking.. “Where’s the sense of wonder gone?”

Why is it that people aren’t totally freaking out by this? It’s been decades since we dismissed these as the sorts of things that drunken sailors wrote ditties about. But low and behold here we have, scientific, irrefutable evidence of (living) giant squid and now photographic proof of lights (the size of Connecticut.. sorry, friggin Connecticut) in the Indian Ocean and no one seems fussed about it!

Which, again, makes me wonder what the hell it would take to get people excited these days? Martians could land in the car park and no-one would care! Big foot could hold a damn press conference and people would still be more interested in Desperate FRIGGIN Housewives.. mind you Marcia Cross > Big Foot, any day!

What’s my point? I guess I don’t have one.. or, am I really saying, no-one would care if I did?

Probably, but who gives a shit.

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    Not me.
    Actually I didnt even read this article.

  • yeah.. but
    … you suck

  • Skewer Girl says
    Mmm…Marcia Cross… Sorry, what were you saying?

  • Your mum sucks.

  • You really need to watch this, Furious:

  • Jesus H. Christ….
    Shut the fuck up about Mr T already, iBrett!

    Especially you skewer chick!

  • Psshaw!
    Highly doubtful.

    I’m begining to care about where this thread is going.

  • Oh…
    Good news, everybody:

    You can now visit without having to type the ‘www’ at the begining.

    *shameless plug*

  • what the hell!?
    How was I not even logged into my own site!!?

  • how is that good news?
    I don’t see how everyone, at any given time, being three keystrokes closer to your shitty site is a GOOD THING?!

  • OH RILY!?
    Well, more like…. YOUR MOM.

  • Something I’ve attested to all along;
    You’re a fricken idiot.

  • ‘sif care!
    .. and that brings this all back to where we started… it’s like we meant it all along!

  • uh…
    Dude, do you even read what you type into this Internet here thingy?

  • As for the photos…
    I find the squid pic fantastic as I’m sure do a lot of frustrated Japanese folk. Awesome shot too – pity we didn’t see it rip its tentacle off trying to get away. As for the glowing blob, its obviously terrorists. Or aliens setting off earthquakes – maybe they’re too scared to round the cape of good hope too! Someone should remind them that Arizona bay is that way and that we all like to see Americans getting the snot whacked out of them by mother nature (and aliens).

  • what the hell…?
    Whoever you are, take whatever it is you’re selling and get back on your bicycle… weirdo!

  • Its in code….
    Open up your third eye, man, and….read..every…word…
    PS. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Donster; the wierdo.

  • Nukulear
    “Why is it that people aren’t totally freaking out by this?”

    We’re not friggin’ out cuz we gots them thar nukulear weapons to fix their shiat.


  • Cant argue with that!
    nuff said

  • I think…
    …we’ve been put in our place!