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My Tube: New stuff

This time of year there’s usually something of an entertainment void to be filled. All the shows that have sucked you in over the course of the last few months either leave you hanging after some suspenseful climax or else they just disappear, never to be seen again… or, in the case of INVASION, they do both. Now that LOST, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, My Name is Earl, and whatever else has been floating your boat for the last few months, have finished up for the season it’s time to go outside and spend time in the sun…. pfft!!! JUST KIDDING!! it’s really time to find new stuff to watch.

Ok, I don’t, by any means, have access to the entirety that television has to offer, so this list isn’t anywhere near a definitive look at what’s on. It’s just a quick poke at a few of the things that have caught my attention, that I’ve enjoyed, or that I’ve been anticipating the return of.

Jericho – CBS [new] Premiers: September 20

I was able to view the pilot episode of this the other night and am pretty keen to see where this one goes. The residents of a small Kansas town are faced with the idea that they may be completely isolated after nuclear blasts are seen going off in the distance. The series stars Skeet Ulrich as Jake Green. Jake returns to the town of Jericho after an absence of five years, however tension between himself and his brother and father (who is also the mayor of Jericho) see him on the way out of town again as the blasts rock the horizon.

Lucky Louie – HBO [new] Premiered: June 11

Former Saturday Night Live writer Louis C.K. heads up this frank comedy about a hapless middle-class father and his relationship with his wife Kim (Pamela S. Adlon), their daughter, his work mates and the other residents of their apartment building. The first episode of Lucky Louie instantly made a fan of me. How can you possibly go wrong when a show’s pilot features a story-line about the main character being caught masturbating (to images of Jessica Simpson) in the kitchen cupboard by his wife. His only defense? “It’s not like I was wanking to her music!”.

PSYCH – USA [new] Premiered: July 7

James Roday is Shawn Spencer. Ever the let down to his father, former cop, Henry Spencer (Corbin Bernsen). As a child Henry nurtured Shawn’s observational skills in the hope that he would one day grow into a fine upstanding police officer. Much to Henry’s disappointment Shawn winds up using his skills to solved crimes by pretending to be a psychic. This show has great potential however, while I’ve enjoyed the first few shows, I hope it tones down the ‘whacky factor’ a little as it may start to get irritating after a while. The first episode of Psych is available for US residents from The iTunes Music Store.

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