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Jersey Girl

Taking the remote for a run up to the higher numbered channels last night I found myself at ‘the comedy channel’, Australia’s 24 hour (all in one day!) ‘comedy’ cable station… that once actually lived up to it’s name.. now it’s a little tired. Now, if you’re unfortunate enough to have been here before you’ll no doubt be aware that I am a worshipper of Letterman….

Anyway, during the aforementioned ‘surfing session’ I found myself watching Leno. For mine a ‘joe average’ version of Letterman… of course Leno rates better, but if you consider that some indication of quality then you’d probably better look up average in the dictionary. Now, despite my Letterman fan status I do on occasion watch Leno and even (in fact more often) watch Conan O’Brian (also seen on ‘the comedy channel’ here in Australia) – I’ve often said that I’ll watch Letterman no matter who his guests are – but if Leno doesn’t have a guest that interests me, I’ll continue surfing. Tonight however, he was conversing with someone who’s work I am a great fan of…..

for the sake of space here I’ll continue in the [read more] area!

Not actually on the tonight show stage with Jay, but rather via satellite (I assume) was Kevin Smith, writer and director of the series of films known as ‘The Jersey Films’ (featuring Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Mallrats and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back).

In an amusing cross Smith introduced his wife (Jennifer) and bantered with Ben Affleck, after showing some ‘behind the scenes’ footage taken during the shooting of Smiths new film ‘Jersey Girl’. The quality of the segment let down only (in my opinion) by Leno’s inability to play the straight man without wobbling his head about [outdated reference] like a plastic dog in the rear window of Hugh Grant’s car [/outdated reference].

Talk of the production of this new Smith film peeked my interest so, rather than watch more Leno, I fired up the Mac and headed over to ViewAskew, Kevin Smith’s production company site… really, it’s just a personal site that has grown incredibly. And this is one of the things that draws me to Kevin Smith, I remember discovering the ViewAskew site a few years ago now and back then, as I said, it was little more than a personal site – updated by Smith himself. His accessibility has always been amazing. Admittedly you don’t see to many updates from him personally now but that’s totally understandable.

As I alluded to earlier, it had been sometime since my last visit to the ViewAskew site, so I was completely unaware of the new project (Jersey Girl), but I am now! One of the other things that I remember about the site was that during the production of the previous films Kevin had kept readers ‘up to date’ with the goings on on the set by keeping a type of diary.. well, not a ‘type of’ so much as an actual diary! And I was glad to see that this is a practice that he has continued for the movie ‘Jersey Girl’!

From the perspective of someone who’s as interested in what goes on behind the cameras as what goes on in front during the making of a film, reading these diaries is almost like getting to be a part of the movie.. okay, well, maybe not, but they are at least as cool as a really good directors commentary on a DVD.

Kevin Smith fan or not, if you’re interested in film making or just want to know what Ben Affleck and J’Lo have been up to for the last few weeks, then I suggest that you have a read of the JERSEY GIRL DIARY over at the ViewAskew spin-off site Movie Poop Shoot… Still no news on the whereabouts of Jason Mewes though!

This has been a pointless ramble, bought to you by EOL and the letter F

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