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EOL: Maintenance Report 20060804

In an attempt to avoid having to actually go through with the cornea replacement in October, the eye surgeon referred me to a contact lens specialist. The theory being that if we can achieve an ‘acceptable’ level of vision using corrective lenses then the surgery, the prospect of having to deal with anti-rejection drugs and the risk of infection for the rest of my days, can all delayed for a couple of years, at least.

My initial reaction, when the plan to try contact lenses was put on the table, was that the whole process would be a waste of time. In the past I’ve attempted to wear contacts, but because of the degree that the keratoconus has distorted my corneas I have to wear those old ‘hard’ contact lenses… You know, the ones that technology rapidly replaced with the soft, 90% water, wear them for 30 days without removing them, kind, because people would rather jam a fork in their eye than have to put up with screwing about with the hard ones on a daily basis… them ones.

Additionally, because of the keratoconus the lenses needed to be specifically shaped to fit my eyes. I don’t mean to correct my vision, I mean to actually FIT onto the eye… and then f*ckin’ stay there! This goal was never reached in any previous attempt at correcting my appalling vision.

When I mentioned my concerns to the surgeon he explained that there is an art to fitting contact lenses for people suffering from keratoconus and that the doctor who previously attempted to do so was a complete hack. Of course he didn’t really say ‘complete hack’, he said something more polite, but he meant hack. He also said that the specialist (which he having his assistant write me out a referral to) was a total gun when it came to fitting lenses to people with eyes as mungged up as mine… Again, he may not have actually used the terms ‘Gun’ or ‘Mungged up’ – but that was the gist of what he was getting at.

Well, I wanted to get everything sorted out as quickly as possible so I made an appointment to see the specialist at the earliest time possible. During the course of that, and several follow up, consultations he did another barrage of tests. He poured large quantities of orange colored stuff (which I suspect was TANG) into my eyes, shone various lights at me and convinced me to try on some stray lenses that he had lying about the place… all in an attempt to create the right profile for my eyes, so that he could have a set of lenses made up for me. Which he did and I picked them up on monday.

I have to say, I’m pretty blown away. I have to increase the time that I wear these lenses by an hour a day. Today (Friday) I’ll have them in, all going well, for five hours which will be the longest, I think, that I’ve ever worn contact lenses for. I have to try to get up to ten hours before I go back to the specialist again, which seems like it will be pretty doable given how well things are going. I’ve not had the lenses ‘pop out’ at all yet and, even better, I’ve not had them ‘slide off’ – which is when the lens decides that it wants to go off and explore the back side of your eyeball.. oh yeah, there’s some pain right there!

I suspect that I’ll need to have another lens made for my right eye, as that one doesn’t seem to be sitting as well as the left one, but I’m starting to feel pretty confident that the surgery may not be as imminent as was first thought.

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