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Good News!

I’ve finally managed to get my PC up and running again – albeit a temporary build – but it’s up none the less – this means that I can map again! “Oh Joy”

I’m working on a new map and will post some screen shots of it soon… Did you get a hair cut? Something looks different!

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    Well i thought i was eating my bannana and apple mash (what i eat every morning)!
    Mmmm beef.

  • eep!
    mmm… fresh Elroy in the Morning..

    its Mantabulous!

  • Where do i pour the milk?
    Its confusing! :(

  • Furious is an idiot
    That is all I have to say

  • In addition to the above comment
    Yes i have had a hair cut – how could you tell??

    Oh and i cant remember if I registered or not and if so what my uesrname is. You need a list of members sire for idiots like myself. And Furry of course

  • In addition to the comment above the above comment
    It is Fozzie here. Not to be confused with Fox.

  • Fozzie
    You are registered as Fozzie

    No surprise there really!

    And furious – stop it – you are scaring me!

  • elroy is my hero
    i want to have ur children elroy

  • You are right!!!
    I am registered as Fozzie!! I have no idea what my password is though. Happily Microsoft remembered it for me :)