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The honeymoon is over!

Emerging from the E-Shack in the wee small hours of yesterday morning I broached the topic of the E-Budget, with the the good lady Barberella. Sensing that I must have had my eye on something she pushed for information concerning my ‘plan’ for proposed E-xpenditure… now YOU tell me if this sounds like an unreasonable request!

A World War 2 anti-aircraft gun targeting computer

It was at this point that Barberella felt the need to point out that recent instances of the E-shack receiving fire from aircraft was at an all time low. Of course I countered that with the fact that I was not prepared to be lured into a false sense of security and I planned to bid on said anti-aircraft gun targeting computer at e-bay! To which I was countered with a none to subtle threat to the E-genitalia should such bidding go ahead….

… No bidding took place that day.

Plan b: Talk Barberella into letting me bid on this… Expect the phone to be off the hook for a while lads!.

[thanks to Heywood for the links!]

Totally pointless: Added items to the store-o-crap today.

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    cool.. you nearly lost your religion!