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A quick wrap up

Just some quick, pointless news

That king of all things SiteBox [Roy] has been hacking away at EOL like Steve Via with a runny nose… the result? The new ‘Crap Archive’ in the bottom right box! – That’s right, you now have access to the glorious posting past here at EOL – knock yourself out!


While fishing through my ‘dead links’ favourites folder the other day I noticed that OmniWeb (my browser of choice!) had marked the home of that jaw dropping cyber schwing AstroG with a little green “updated” tick – so like Pavlov’s mutt in Notredame I clicked that link like Jiminy Cricket with the DT’s… Looks like she’ll be gracing our browsers again soon – Just remember I saw her first!!!

The Furman Machine admin Furious is still on holidays and as such has not been able to update either is site or the comix collection – in fact as a result of the recent server downtime he has run of and left his domain completely unattended…. Let the looting begin!

Ok that’s enough metaphors for one night…
Elroy out!

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    ill be moving permanently, actually. just as soon as i can get the domain pointed in the right place.

  • Yah!!!
    More server space for me!