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Me = Stoked

I just read the most sensational news!! The funny/talented/deranged bastards behind “TRIPPING THE RIFT” have scored a regular gig! Here’s some of the announcement as it was posted on their site:

The newly formed alliance of Canadian production company CinéGroupe and animation producer Film Roman Studios has begun production on SCI FI Channel’s first-ever animated series TRIPPING THE RIFT. The CG-animated series is based on the short film of the same name, with thirteen half-hour episodes slated to debut in first quarter 2003 as part of SCI FI’s regular Friday primetime line-up of original series.

Chances are that it will take us folks in Australia some time (if ever) to see this on the tube – but I’m guessing that the fact that this project already has such a huge internet fan base should see it appear in an ‘online’ format sooner or later! WOOT!

Read the full announcement on

Completely Unrelated: Crabs told 4 more to arrive Sunday – riot ensues!

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    Your crabs like to riot a lot don’t they?

    I never knew crabs were so restless, or do you just mistreat them?

  • They get excited
    All you have to do is move a branch or something and they go off like it’s Christmas – they love to explore and anything new can make their whole day!

  • Can I have your icq number please so that next time we are both online I can get you to move a stick or something and i will be able to see them go off like Christmas…..

  • silly muppet
    teh camera is off!

  • great stuff