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Beware of teh ISP billing system!

Ah, the internet. It’s no place for those unfamiliar with how to survive in this land of techno babble and, as this extract from a conversation I had just moments ago, demonstrates.. it can even catch out those who should know better… but then again, my mum always said that stuff only goes wrong when you’re doing something wrong!

Mr.Stoopid: u know the new telstra unlimited**** plans?
Elroy: yeah
Mr.Stoopid: they don’t have automated capping installed yet so they were only capping manually and as telstra runs with less than the minimum staff required they were only capping the real leeches (80gb+)
Elroy: yeah?
Mr.Stoopid: anyways, i went round to my bitch’s place to rape his line at the end of the month [seriously, this is how he talks! ~ elroy] i had it going on, 500k+ constant, no drop in speed unless like, his HD hiccuped
Elroy: i see

(read more to find out how badly this ends)

Mr.Stoopid: then at 7am the next day he wakes up (i was still awake) to check whats going on, we’d pulled about 17-18gb in about 10-11hrs, he checks his useage meter and theres a red line indicating excess useage he figured that they hadn’t updated it yet but it turns out he wasn’t on the 10gb unlimited, he was on the 10gb uncapped. which is uncapped cable with excess fees…
so cause of a telstra fuckup we ran up a bill of around $1600 excess fees + $230 for the montly connection

Elroy: i see…
Mr.Stoopid: i swear, i didn’t know wether to laugh or cry… anyways, cause we were pulling down warez we couldn’t make to much of a fuss, but he got 50% off the bill
Elroy: How much are YOU going to pay of that?
Mr.Stoopid: half, of course
Elroy: now – THAT’s funny!

BTW: The guy’s real name isn’t Mr.Stoopid – I just changed it to that to protect his true identity.. and because, well, it suits him!

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    Oh dear, that has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard :)

    Sif not check

  • Fucking idiots
    Fucking idiots

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