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25 years and still no Alpha quadrant..

Originally the Voyager Space probes were shot out into space to catch some kodak moments of the outer planets of this here Solar system. But now, 25 years later (that’s 22 times longer than Vanilla ice’s music career!) they (Voyager 1 and 2) are still kicking on – and it looks as if V1 still has enough juice to keep the lights on until about 2020.

The egg-heads at NASA are hoping that V1, which is traveling at [a rental van full of pissed idiot smoking] 1.6 million kilometers a day, manages to escape the Sun’s influence. This means crossing an area of space called ‘the heliopause’ – the boundary between interstellar space and where the Sun’s influence no longer has an effect. While no-one knows how much longer it will take V1 to achieve this ‘far out’ goal most estimates are between around 7 years and around 21 years.

Voyager 1 is currently about 12,705,460.000 kilometers away from the Sun and is the furtherest traveled man made object. Voyager 2 is tailgating along at 10,164,368,000 kilometers from the [same] Sun!

While none of this is very funny – it’s all mighty fucking cool just the same!

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    good stuff!
    nice site, will yahoo up some other voyager 1 stats now.