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Ironman: Potts Cast [NOT]

Quite a bit of IRONMAN news hit the streets while I was busy working on the eGames Expo stuff, so I missed posting about it here (which, I’m sure, disappointed everyone) so I’ll try to be a little more attentive from now on.

I’ll admit to initially being disappointed when I first heard that Robert Downey Jnr [RDJ] had been cast in the role of Tony Stark. Primarily because it Downey Jnr’s casting went against early comments made by the film’s director, Jon Favreau, in which he said that he was not particularly interested in having somone ‘high profile’ play the lead… And neither was I. Sadly though, I don’t get a say in these things, however, were it up to me, I’d have most definitely have wanted Tony Stark (IRONMAN) to have been defined by the character himself and not by the recognisable actor playing him.

However, if you ARE going to have a known actor take on the role of Tony Stark, then I’m at a loss to name a man more fitting of the role than the clearly troubled dude with susceptibility issues that RDJ is: For those unfamiliar with Stark/IRONMAN’s personality (personalities!) he’s a clearly troubled dude with susceptibility issues… so you can see how RDJ is right for the part!

Recently additional IRONMAN casting info has been revealed and I’m happy to say that I don’t really have any problems with this news. Latino Review posted last week that Rachel McAdams has been signed to play Stark’s love interest, Pepper Potts. Although I’m not entirely sure that ‘love interest’ is the correct term. Potts and Stark’s relationship is an interesting one, which will no doubt be explored in the movie (or a subsequent sequel) so I wont talk too much about it now.

Pott’s is traditionally a red head, but with McAdams ability to be something of a chameleon anything is possible.

UPDATE: Apparently the official word is that McAdams HAS NOT been cast in the role of Virginia Potts. [source]

In the mean time, lets keep the count down clock ticking!

Countdown to Iron Man Release:
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    Good news for me – My love for RDA.. I mean RDJ waned in recent years, but was recently rekindled with “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”, which is just a fucking awesome film.


  • Agreed
    Kilmer and Downy Jnr were both fantastic in Kiss Kiss bang Bang. I’m glad to see Downy Find his feet again and it’s even better to see Kilmer taking on some off beat roles again.. I mean, he’ll never equal Top Secret, but at least we know he has it in him!