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Werewolves: Bloody Chocolate

As far as monsters go the humble werewolf seems to always end up an ‘also ran’ in horror movies. Always eating the bridesmaid and never the bride; Werewolves are usually relegated to ‘henchmen’ status or, worse, mindless animalistic killing machines. Where your Vampires get to prance about being all charming, seductive and even noble, Werewolves tend to be portrayed as grotty, uncontrolled and sometimes even oblivious to their own actions. Hell, lately even those stinking zombies have been getting a better wrap and, if there’s anyone who deserves to be the second class citizens of the horror world, it’s friggin zombies!

Ok, I promise that’s the end of my by-monthly “Werewolves got it bad” rant. In fact the whole reason that I bring up my all time favourite mythological monsters is because they are actually being given the opportunity to headline a new movie.. Unfortunately it’s the same clods that produced that gawd-aweful ‘Underworld’ film.. But hey! Beggars can’t be chooses, right?

A trailer for ‘Blood and Chocolate’ has been released and is an exclusive to the MTV site and, if it’s anything to go by, it doesn’t appear that this film is going to do much for… well, films, let alone the public image of the poor Werewolf.

“She was chosen” begins the trailer’s overlay, “To fulfill a prophecy – But she’s about to discover – There’s no escaping – The secret within.” ~ what??

The deal appears to be that Vivian (obligatory hottie Agnes Bruckner) is a werewolf who happens to have caught the eye of the Earl of Nottingham… I mean, the head of her pack. Things would be all fine and dandy for this moon struck couple if it weren’t for the fact that Vivian has gone and fallen in love with a pasty English version of James Blunt… Oh wait, James Blunt IS a pasty English version of James Blunt! Anyway, as you’d expect the Earl of Nottingham takes all this to heart and sets about making things difficult for the two young lovers by playing Evanescence really loud and chasing them through a forest.

Sure, look, I know I’m probably being a little overly critical of this film, and as always I really hope that I’m wrong. Because I really do want to see a great werewolf movie hit the cinema. However I’m just not convinced that Blood and Chocolate is going to be it. Perhaps it’s time to kick back and watch An American Werewolf in London for the millionth time. [source]

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    What about ‘Dog Soldiers’?… I thought that was a semi-decent werewolf flick…

  • Whoa! Wait one second…
    What’s this “Dog Soldiers” of which you speak…

    /rushes to IMDB

  • Pay that..
    Well, I’ve gotta say that I really enjoyed Dog Soldiers – Thanks heaps for recommending it macca. It’s certainly the best werewolf film that I’ve seen in the last few years!

  • My sentiments exactly. Considering that Sean Pertwee, son of the famous Jon Pertwee (a.k.a. – Dr. who.) carried more than a casting role, what sci-fi nerd couldn’t resist having more than a cursory a look!

  • I guess that it really confirms my nerd status then – given that when I saw the name ‘Sean Pertwee’ in the credits I actually thought to myself “hmmm, I wonder if he’s a relation to the Doctor?”. :D

  • Cherish the status for one day it will be highly regarded and people will pay good money to stand where you are right now…