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Flash back!

Some of you may have taken a close look at the elroyonline ‘button’ that sits on the right hand side of the page title (the circle with my bonce in it!) and read the line “Crap since 1998” and pondered: “Has Elroyonline really been around that long?”

Well the response to that is “Yes, now get a life knuckle head!”. In some form or other EOL has been around since early 1998 and, while I can’t go back that far in time I have managed to find an old back up of an early incarnation of the site.

This snapshot comes from way back in May/June of 2000 and pretty much focuses on the development of the UT map CTF-Transit…. Ah, how I’ve pissed these year away!

“What is the purpose of a crotchless thong?” That’s what Bob wanted to know! So he did the right thing – He wrote to Ask An Idiot! – Maybe you should too!

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    ahah even back then you still had no idea how to designa website, yah boob :p

  • Oh for sure…
    I only wish I had a color-blind ass monkey to design my site for me too, Simon – then EOL would look like TFM!