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While poking through the EOL webstats I came across something that puzzled me!
Amongst the various data supplied by eon with it’s webstats is a list of ‘hits’ generated by various search engines – For example: If you were to go to google and perform a search for “elroy is an idiot” – providing that there are not too many other idiots out there named elroy, you should be provided with a link to this site.. Now, should you follow that link then my stats will show that a search for “elroy is an idiot” resulted in a hit to this site…

Now, what is really scary about this stats feature is that it give me some kind of indication as to what people are searching for when they end up here! For example, here is a list of some of the terms that have been searched for using various search engines that have resulted in someone coming to this site:

elroyonline – makes sense really!
elroy – No surprise there.
elroy was here – Yeah, ok.
teh fonz – who?
hemroid cream – You’re selling what now??
hemroid images – Try the doctors office 2 doors down!!
3d manmade boobs – excuse me??
hemroidcream – Enough already!!
who said oh my god it’s full of stars – My guess is the guy with the sore ass!

So there you have it people! The keyword in search engine success is hemroid!

Now to play a bit of a game!

Herpes, genital, warts, anal, rash, breasts, cavity, blowjob, scrotum and Don Adams

Lets see which of those words can generate the most hits??

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