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EOL: eGames Expo [EGE]

There have been a few excuses from yours truly lately regarding the lack of fresh content here on EOL. A couple of times I’ve made reference to a project that I’ve been working on, but haven’t really been able to go into too much detail… until now. A while back I was approached by the organisers of a gaming/entertainment/technology event, being held here in sunny Melbourne, and asked if I would take on *some* design work.

Eventually, what started as some web development for a few sites, distantly related to the aforementioned event, turned into a substantial multimedia project involving web, print and video production… but the coolest part of the whole gig (aside from being in complete creative control) is that I’ve been able to pull a couple of mates into the fray and tackle a few elements of the project together. The video player below is a great example of that.

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While I designed and constructed everything that you see in the video (using Illustrator and After effects), everything that you hear was created by the Buzzmoo Bros… other than ‘instruments’ I’m not entirely sure what software the BM Bros. used to create that track, but honestly, I don’t really care because I was stoked with the results – they managed to provide exactly what I was after and were even patient enough to make the many, entirely indulgent, tweaks that I asked for

Once the audio and video elements had been completed I fired up the ‘Beacon of Fury’ and called Furious into action. Using Flash 8 (and a few sacrificial goats) he constructed the actual player you see to the right, and a couple of other versions that supporters of the event will be able to embed into their own sites. But Furious’ involvement didn’t end there… What became apparent as the project moved into the primary web development stage was that the event managers were more than just familiar with my design work. Yeah, that’s right, they were familiar with my *work* here on EOL too and were interested in having me maintain a blog dedicated to tracking news about the event, making announcements and previewing/reviewing items that exhibitors would be bringing to the event. However, because I never like to make things easy on myself, I pointed them at The Furman Machine and next thing I knew I had a partner in crime for this latest stage of the project.

The event itself is The eGames and Entertainment Expo (EGE) and will be held from the 17th to the 18th of November. It’s a consumer show for anyone who’s into video games (both PC and Console), Mobile gaming and entertainment, home entertainment, game development and stuff. The really fun part about the blog gig that Furious and I have taken on, is that they’ve seen the crap that we go on about on our respective sites and have essentially said “Have at it lads!” – and we intend to.

This is actually pretty good news for EOL as I’ll be able to do quite a bit of cross posting and, given that I’ll be in the blogging zone (if there is such a thing) most of the day, I’ll probably end up posting here randomly too! Anyway, the blog is located here and the event’s main site is here… And if you happen to be in Melbourne on the 18th and 19th (the 17th is a trade only night) then head over to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre!

Enjoy the video folks – and make sure you come back and report if you happen to spot it on TV (or see the print ads in a magazine)!

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    top job
    If the expo is half as good as the website it’s going to be fantastic. Top job guys.

    love the ad. I’ll keep an eye out on TV for it.