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Hacking Matter!

Man, there are times when advances in technology totally blow my mind… but there are worse times, times when you are caught off guard by what people are talking about and it leaves you with a weird ‘fact catching fantasy’ sensation…

I just read an amazing interview by Rocky Rawstern, editor of Nanotechnology Now with writer Wil McCarthy, on the subject of “artificial atoms” and “quantum dots,” and how they can be used to produce “programmable matter”:

A quantum dot is a device which traps electrons in a very small region of space, forcing them to behave like tiny standing waves, just as they do in atoms. An “artificial atom” is a cloud of electrons trapped in this way. Although it has no nucleus of its own, the artificial atom behaves in many ways like a real atom does. Producing large numbers of artificial atoms inside a bulk material, such as a semiconductor, will alter its properties dramatically so that, for example, it can be made to appear and behave like a metal, or an insulator. The material’s color, transparency, reflectance, thermal and magnetic properties can also be altered, in real time.

Some of the current and potential technology discussed in this interview will put the stuff that hollywood has presented us with over the past few years to shame, so if you are up for taking your brain out for a run then swing by and take a look at this interview!

Other than that my best advice is to start running from the liquid metal terminator NOW!!!

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