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Batman: The Dark Nolan

The other day, when I made a post about the upcoming Nick Cage film NEXT, I used that film as an example of the kinds of things (and the kind of people), which when involved in a film or television endeavor, can make me nervous about the final outcome of the project. Well, had I waited a couple of days before making that post, I probably would have chosen a different movie to use as the example because, when the latest snippet of casting gossip was finally confirmed, I became quite nervous about the direction that Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins sequel was headed.

The news I’m referring to is that the actor chosen to play the lead villain for the movie, which has officially been named The Dark Knight, has been cast and it’s Heath Ledger. The villain, who of course was alluded to at the end of Batman begins, is none other than The Joker. Now, while I’m sure that Ledger is more than capable of filling just about any role that’s offered to him I have to admit that my gut reaction to the news of his casting was to simply cringe. Could Ledger have pulled a Nick Cage on us? Had he taken the role simply because it is The Joker.. I mean, who doesn’t want to play The Joker? Which isn’t really the question now is it.. The question is Who CAN play The Joker!

Of course, the other question is: What the hell is Nolan thinking!? But maybe there in lies the answer and another lesson when it comes to examining the pro’s and con’s of snorting up every bit of movie news you can slap your eyes on…. Wait.. Snorting.. With your eyes.. That doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Nolan’s first venture into Gotham produced a movie that comic book nerds like myself have been waiting all our lives to see. Truly, a graphic novel come to life. Nolan treated the characters as more than just the interpretation of illustrations from a comic panel. He made them flesh, he grounded them in a believable world and, more importantly, he revived a the life of Batman on the big screen. This is a man who has earned the trust of Batman, Comic book fans and movie fans alike. Lets face it he managed to make us forget that there’d ever been a Batman movie made which featured a Prince soundtrack… So again: What was Chris Nolan thinking?

After my initial disappointment at hearing of the casting subsided and I’d begun to think about the possible motivation for Nolan to approach someone like Ledger for a role like The Joker, I actually started to warm to the idea. If Nolan continues to take the dark path that be set our on with Batman Begins, then there’s a very good chance that Ledger’s Joker could be less of the demented clown portrayal that we’ve been treated to in the past and more like the utter friggin psychopath that The Joker is in the comic books… After all, we’re talking about the character who killed Robin (Jason Todd), not with some trap involving someone being suspended over something, probably boiling, but by bludgeoning him to death with a crowbar. Now, if the question is: Can you see Heath Ledger playing a crowbar wielding nut job? The answer must be that Nolan knows what he’s doing.

The great news is that Katie Holmes is going to reprise her role as Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight. Great news, not because I really care that she’ll be back (although her character was a great emotional ground for Bruce Wayne) but because she’s far hotter than Heath Ledger and I can justify (at least in my mind) putting a bunch of pictures of her along with post! [source]

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